​  Small Breed Doggie Daycare  

​​   Supervised free range play

Playgroup of 20 dogs or less

Promotes socialization

Physical activity

Positive reinforcement

Daily sanitized toys and play structures


​​​​Small Breed Doggie Overnight Care ​ 
 Supervised boarding in daycare environment

Maximum of 5 dogs per night for quiet and calm setting

Promotes socialization versus being home alone

Monitored mealtimes and medication administrations

Exercise instead of sitting home on the couch

Potty walks, playtime, feedings, slumbertime

​​Small Breed Puppy School ​ 

One on one training with each pup

Maximum of 3 dogs per class to ensure training reinforcement

Introduces socialization and preparation for doggie daycare

Instruction of basic obedience commands

Promotes confidence, communication and trust

Positive reinforcement to encourage continued good behavior