Wetnoze Pet Concierge is a professional petcare service

that provides peace of mind to small breed dog owners needing

assistance with their furbabies. 

Our staff of genuine dog lovers provide exceptional care in a professional manner to ensure our company philosophy 

since 2006 continues to prove that we are.....

    "Your Pet's First Choice In Care, When You Can't Be There"™

Small Breed

 Doggie Overnight Care

Puppies 12-16 weeks learn socialization, body handling, proper playtime activities.

​Puppies 16-20 weeks learn basic obedience cues and introduction to leash walking. Roundtrip transport included.

Small Breed

Doggie Daycare

Small Breed 

Puppy School

Daily supervision, playtime, lunch, naptime and socialization for small breed dogs who have completed 

our puppy school or

have had prior socialization.

Roundtrip transport included.

Overnight care for small breed dogs, while you are away for business or vacation. 

Supervised playtime, all meals and potty breaks followed by a sleepover with daycare playpals.

Roundtrip transport included.